At times, sterilization needs require the usage of strong chemicals. But when there is an option, using green, eco-friendly products is our preferred methodology. Using eco-friendly methods and sustainable products, we’re able to give you attractive, clean environments without side effects that could be irritating to some employees or customers.

Business owners and managers recognize their workplace is a strategic business tool vital to protecting their most valuable assets — their employees. Employers with green cleaning programs have measurable financial gains due to employee health, productivity and retention, as well as lower operating costs and potential government incentives.

Cornerstones of a Green Cleaning Program

As defined by ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association) Green Cleaning is aimed protect health without harming the environment. The term refers to using environmentally friendly cleaning products, using equipment that reduces the need for cleaning solutions and promoting healthy indoor air. It also includes the adoption of cleaning procedures that reduce exposure to harmful products, and sometimes includes the use of recycled janitorial paper supplies and trash can liners that meet the EPA's Comprehensive Purchasing Guidelines.

Brite Cleaning Industries Green Cleaning Program Featuring Betco's Green Earth Products

          • Uses recycled paper products when appropriate or requested
          • Adopts responsible chemical selection using products such as Betco's Green Earth.
          • Minimize exposure to chemical concentrates through dilution control systems
          • Use of microfiber cleaning products for floor cleaning, dusting and spot cleaning


USGBCMember of the US Green Building Council

      USGBC is a coalition of leaders from the building industry working to promote buildings that are:

        • environmentally responsible
        • profitable
        • healthy places to live and work