Floor Care & Carpet Cleaning.

Protect and Maintain your floors using our specialty services

Professional floor care not only distinguishes your facility as top notch and looking great, it reduces unnessary cost for replacement of floors, and keeps your floor safe from hazards (such as lifted flooring from not keeping floor clean and serviced). Successful corporations and retail stores understand how important this concept is. With services ranging from occasional heavy cleaning to full-service floor maintenance and upkeep for your facility, Brite Cleaning Industries can help all types of surfaces including carpet, VCT, ceramic, stone and wood.

Floor services can be included as part of your complete package or we offer individual floor service with monthly plans available at reasonable rates.

We believe a pro active approach for all services saves our customers money.  Curious? Its as simple as proper matting.  We provide an evaluation on your matting, which one would think how could one simple runner that cost 50-200.00 save our facility money? Simple, the wear and tear will improve your floor, the cost of janitorial services will be reduced, and up keep on floor care will be reduced.