The power of cleaning shown in our Before and After photo's

San Jose floor team restoring a VCT tile project.

Tehachapi service technicians did a great job bringing this wood floor back to its original form.

Santa Clara team worked diligently to remove these tough stains from this industrial office.

Kern County bathrooms are being cleaned, scrubbed and disinfected top to bottom.

Fremont service technicians cleaning & disinfecting every detail.

Vents and HVAC systems should be cleaned routinely for a safe work environment. Our Tehachapi & Cupertino service technicians worked at these new sites at the beginning of COVID 19 and will continue these special projects.

San Jose janitorial service teams are saving this customer costs by cleaning instead of replacing these light fixtures.

Each company should check for mold and any unhealthy exposures at their sites. Our Tehachapi and Santa Clara technicians are available to help with removing heavy grime.

Stockton, Fremont, San Jose, Tehachapi teams are available to clean and remove heavy build up from your workplace vents.

Tehachapi janitorial team tasks weekly cleanings on all facility refrigerators.

Clean windows in Kern County.

Interior window cleaning; Cupertino restoration project.

Mojave/Tehachapi mountains can be seen after cleaning these facilities windows.